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Encouraging results for the Health Coop

It is with great satisfaction that we share the main accomplishments of the Health Coop since it started, on August 1st 2012, to administer the medical clinic located at 620 Ave de Buckingham.                                                                                            

A health care cooperative is a health clinic administered by its members under the rules of cooperative action according to the collective needs of the community.  A Health Coop emulates a non-profit organisation.

Members have rebates on non-insured services and auxiliary fees at the Health Coop.  In addition, our partners GYM Max, Uniprix, Physiothérapie de la Lièvre and the dentist Dr. Jacques Bourgon will continue to offer rebates to our members in good standing.     

The success of the Coop depends on its members, the generosity of our donors, the dedication of the health professionals and of the employees as well as the involvement of the volunteers.  

I particularly want to highlight the excellent work of our Coordinator, Claire Aubry, and that of the other individuals with whom I have the privilege of serving as volunteers on the Board of Directors; Armand Renaud (Vice-President), Louise Barabé (Treasurer), André Tremblay (Secretary) and the Directors Linda Raby, Louiselle Rioux, Stéphane Deshaies, Dre Mélanie Lacasse and Dr Martin Lacasse.

Carl Yank - President of the Health Coop