1 650 members

To become a member, you must purchase five (5) shares for a total cost of $50 :


- These qualifying shares are paid only on once.

- Should you wish to resign from the Coop, a full reimbursement of the shares may be requested according to the internal rules of the Coop, or you may donate it to the Coop.

- Upon your death, the shares are bequeathed to the Coop.


An annual fee may be required in the first year :


- As a member, you will accept to pay a taxable and non-refundable annual fee, if required.

- The annual fees will be determined by the Board of Directors according to the needs of the cooperative and the number of members that have been recruited.


To apply :

- Fill in the membership application form.


You can download the pdf form from the internet site or you can pick-up an application form at the Coop Santé de la Basse-Lièvre, located at 620 Ave. de Buckingham,

- In an envelope, put your application form and your cheque for $50 paid to the Coop Santé de la Basse-Lièvre.


- Leave or mail the envelope to:



  Coop Santé de la Basse-Lièvre, 620 Ave. de Buckingham, Gatineau QC  J8L 2H5

Your participation will help to maintain the medical clinic in operation and will facilitate the recruiting of new doctors.


Members may benefit from certain advantages such as no or reduced charges for certain services that are not covered by the Quebec Government (RAMQ).  These advantages are soon to be determined by the Board of Directors.


As a member, you can be involved in your cooperative as a volunteer, by attending general meetings and becoming a member of the Board of Directors.


Your application to become a member of the Coop