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The Coop Santé de la Basse-Lièvre wants to improve both basic and preventative health care services for the residents of the Basse-Lièvre region.

Our Vision

To work in partnership with the community, promoting preventive health care measures with a focus on life-style habits and quality of life issues.

To recognize the principle of universal health care and promote measures to ensure access to doctors for both members, as well as non-members.

To improve and deliver quality health care within a close proximity to the community through the creation and administration of an organization which will support the recruitment and retention of doctors and health care professionals.

To offer a grouping of services that is supportive of family medicine.

Our Values

Universality of Care: Based on the availability of resources to offer free basic health care to those seeking assistance.

Integrity and Respect for the Individual: By ensuring the quality of services being offered.

A Spirit of Cooperation: By supporting the active participation of our membership.

Solidarity: Through the development of partnerships with the community.

Communication and Transparency